High speed mixed signal design
High speed and mixed signal board design are complicated projects, requiring more then intuition.
For successful project completion, including PTT/EMI/EMC/CE and other standards compliance, designers must combine analytical skills with hands-on experience.

This is where we come in.

Our engineering staff has strong background in both analog and digital design, as well as proven track record of taking real-world projects to the market.
Utilizing a combination of sophisticated analytical techniques, such as signal integrity analysis and simulation, with years of hands-on experience in the high-tech industry leads to successful completion of the most complex mixed signal projects.
We can carry out all necessary steps in project development, from the initial concept through analysis and up to a reference design with a working prototype board.

A typical turn-key design project would include any combination of the following steps:
  • System analysis and architecture
  • Specification definition
  • Board design, schematics and layout
  • Design verification, using advanced signal integrity analysis techniques and tools
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • PTT/CE/Safety/other standards approvals for required target countries
  • Reference Design kit with working prototype boards
  • Related DSP software development
Sample Projects
  • Broadband Modems (ADSL, HDSL, SDSL)
  • HomePNA Networking
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • CO/PABX equipment
  • E1/T1 Multiplexers
  • Voice-Band 56K Modems
  • PCI/USB cards