Signal integrity analysis and simulation
In our designs, we use advenced analysis and simulation techniques to ensure our products meet their requirements in the shortest time possible.
We employ sophisticated signal integrity analysis and simulation techniques to explore and resolve electrical performance-related issues in early stages of the design cycle and avoid repetitive layout and manufacturing cycles.

By exploring and making trade-offs between timing, signal integrity, crosstalk, power delivery, and EMI, we can optimize electrical performance and reliability before committing to the final design for manufacture.
We get our boards working in one cycle.
Presentation Material
Download a PowerPoint presentation given by Picowave at “Cadence Technology Day 2002” in Israel.
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October 15, 2002

Our Tools
The Cadence signal integrity tools Sigrity family of products offers an integrated high-speed design and analysis environment for engineers creating digital PCB systems and IC package designs:
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Our design process relies on Signal Integrity analysis and simulation.