Standart compliance
For successful project completion, compliance with regulatory standards such as PTT/EMI/EMC/CE and others is a key obstacle.
Engineers dealing with standards compliance must combine analytical skills with practical skills. Thus, many regard standards compliance as a complicated art that takes years to master.

 This is where we come in.

Picowave specializes in design for compliance, taking into account EMI/RFI, safety and other regulatory requirements through every step of development.
We use sophisticated signal integrity analysis and simulation techniques to ensure compliance with standards in early stages, to avoid repetitive board revisions and save time and money.
Depending on the business model, we can also conduct the necessary testing of the prototype board.
Our engineering staff has strong background in both analog and digital design along with superb understanding of magnetic and electrical fields. This enables us to study new specifications and produce designs that meet requirements from the first board.

Among others, our staff is specifically experienced with the following standards:

 PTT Standards
  • FCC part 68
  • CTR21/TBR21
  •  JATE

EMC/EMI Standards
  • FCC part 15
  • CE

Safety and Lightning Surge Standards
  • UL1950
  • CE EN55022/4